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Refractory Specialist for glassmaking, iron and steel and non-ferrous metal industries, calcination (cement and lime kilns) and incinerators

  • Wide range of bricks, monolithics and precast products based on silica, silica-alumina, bauxite, andalousite, zircon and silicon carbide
  • Large variety of fused silica products used for maintenance service in the coking sector and maintenance solutions by ceramics welding
  • Plant in Belgium - 4 kilns - 74 workers
  • Finishing line and preassembly area
  • Capacity: 15 000 t/year bricks and 15 000t/year monolithics products
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Refractory Specialist for aluminium, iron and steel industries, calcination, ceramics and glassworks

  • Wide range of Alumino-silicate bricks (base chamotte), Andalusite and high Alumina bricks (Bauxite, Mullite and Corundum)
  • Plant in France - 2 tunnel kilns – 36 workers
  • Capacity: 20 000 t/year
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FONTES Refractories (F)

Specialist of products for the primary aluminium, general industrial and housing sectors

  • Range of refractory bricks for the housing sector, products for Eco-Housing
  • Plant and quarry in France - 1 kiln – 26 workers
  • Capacity: 16 000 t/year
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Industrial brick lining

Fontes Refractories

FUSIREF Refractories (B)

Refractory Construction and Maintenance of Industrial Kilns

  • 30 years' experience in the Steel, Aluminum, Calcination, Non Ferrous & Incineration Industries
  • Service activities in Benelux, France, Switzerland, Spain and in the Persian Gulf countries
  • Workforce : 170 workers
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The refractory products section of the SGI Group has been active for over 30 years, specialised in the manufacturing and lining of refractory products. It offers optimal solutions by providing high-quality products and technical services adapted to client requirements.

Its ongoing objective is to provide added value to its clients’ areas of work. Offering the best price/performance ratio for each refractory solution is top priority.

The SGI Group meets the needs of its clients throughout the world. Its resources enable it to provide a wide range of products and services:

  • Products made of silica have made BELREF a world leader in refractory products for glassworks furnaces. The company has widened its range of products, which now includes refractory concrete and pre-fabricated blocks. BELREF also specialises in and develops cast silica-based products (coke oven and glassworks) and provides repair solutions by ceramic welding (coke oven works).
  • POUSSEUR refractory products are installed in industrial furnaces working on all five continents, principally in the aluminium sector (anode baking furnaces).
  • FONTES REFRACTORIES’ products are also intended for the worldwide primary aluminium sector market (electrolysis pots) and also for the domestic and industrial market.
  • Services involving the construction, maintenance and repair of industrial furnaces are provided in Europe by FUSIREF REFRACTORIES.